Digital Marketing Analysis packages

Do you have an Internet Marketing Strategy that works?

Every journey must start with a single step and the same is true for your business. Look at where your business is now and where you want it to be. The steps required to get you there is your journey. How you take those steps however, is your ‘strategy’.

In today’s competitive business world in order to successfully grow every business should have a form of Business Strategy in place. The strategy should look at both ‘offline’ (Marketing) and ‘online’ (Internet Marketingstrategy and have manageable steps in place with achievable, measurable results. Both elements should work in harmony with each other with the primary focus always being to meet your business objectives and get you to where you want to be.

The problem is how to take that first step. Where do you start? At Pink Gibbon we are there to take that first step with you. One of our specialists will come to you for an informal chat around what you want, where you’d like your Business to go and what you’ve currently got in place. While our primary focus is on your Internet Marketing Strategy (‘online’ element), our specialists are also well versed in offline aspects, so can ensure that both aspects work in harmony.

Once we’ve got all the information, we’ll produce a high level review and see where we can help you get the success your hard work deserves.

At Pink Gibbon we pride ourselves at being up front and honest with nothing hidden. If we feel that we can’t help you or that what you want may be being a bit adventurous to do in one go we’ll tell you! In addition to that the first step is FREE!

5 Steps is all it takes

While every business journey is different and will take differing amounts of time to complete, overall it takes just 5 steps to see it through.

The first step we mentioned earlier, this is then followed by:

Step 2: Discovery – Here we do a much lower level analysis of what it is you require and how this can be accomplished.

Step 3: Plan/Strategy – We will produce a comprehensive report based on our findings which will show a complete analysis of where you are today and a plan of how to get to where you want to be. The plan will contain manageable steps and will detail agreed, measurable results.

Step 4: Implement – Working with you and/or your team we will implement the ‘journey’ to take you down the road to success.

Step 5: Review – Once all the required actions have been implemented, we will monitor the results over an agreed period and then provide an update on what’s been achieved.

Throughout your journey a Pink Gibbon will be working with you to obtain the required results, explaining everything in plain simple English as we go. The results we discuss and agree with you will be measurable and realistic. That way you can see the progression.

The journey however doesn’t end with step 5. In fact it should never stop! The phrase is ‘continuous improvement’ but basically it means that the steps should keep on being repeated so that your business continues to thrive and grow. This is why as part of the journey we will teach, train & provide enough knowledge for you to continue your journey unassisted should you wish to do so.

If however you wish to continue working with Pink Gibbon then we would be delighted to continue to help you!

Take that first step and start your journey to success. Call 07986290974.