Digital Marketing Analysis packages

Digital Media Consultancy: an affordable Digital Marketing Manager

An independent view of how your Digital Marketing efforts are performing, identifying areas for improvement.

How effective is your current Digital Marketing Strategy? Where are your short and long term innovation strategies taking you? What is your current Digital presence doing to boost your sales? Why does this matter?

As Digital Media consultants we look at where you currently stand in the Digital world including:

  • An independent review of your Website and Social Media presence
  • Effectiveness of your Email marketing
  • Effectiveness of any other digital channels you are using to drive sales

By reviewing and analysing your existing data and processes we can form an impartial opinion of what your business looks like in the current digital economy and:

  • Identify where you could improve processes to increase efficiency
  • Identify where staff training could increase profitability
  • Provide appropriate staff training and an on-going assessment strategy
  • Implement or enhance quality control and assurance
  • Continuous Improvement Strategy

If you have a genuine desire to take your business to the next level then we have a genuine desire to help you get there.

We cover all areas of the North West UK and other areas by agreement.

Give us a call for an informal chat about your requirements on 07986290974