Digital Marketing Analysis packages

Creating an effective Internet Marketing Strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

If you feel your Internet (Digital) Marketing isn’t working for you then don’t panic. It doesn’t have to be a brand new website or a full blown Search Engine Marketing Campaign to get the results you need. Sometimes it just needs a few tweaks to what you are currently doing to push your website forward and start getting the results you want.

Often companies and small business owners overlook the small things they can do to achieve massive gains. Things like:

  • changing the website content to be customer focused
  • writing regular blog posts/guest blogs
  • creating/maintaining Social Media pages
  • regular Email Marketing Campaigns
  • more websites to link back to yours (backlinks/inbound links)

We have come across many businesses that think a proper Social Media Strategy is a waste of time and effort (although to be fair, this is generally where the business doesn’t have a formal plan or any set objectives). It can yield great results, especially as an integral part of an overall Marketing Plan.

Adwords campaigns are generally useful when a website is too new to rank organically or the market is flooded. This can be an expensive exercise unless your ROI (Return on Investment) is high compared with the cost per click (CPC). Low priced products or services rarely benefit from PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns unless the cost per click is much lower than the cost per product.

There are many benefits to be gained from having a focused Internet Marketing Strategy. Tying all the elements of your internet (digital) marketing together will reduce your costs and improve your results. Having a strategy, together with a clear plan to meet set objectives, will save time and money.

Working with you our consultants will:

  • look at the whole picture
  • investigate, review and comment on all the options open to your business.
  • see what can, should and cannot be improved upon

This is then used as a basis for making an informed decision on the way to progress (all in one go, a phased approach, waterfall or agile) and creating an internet marketing strategy tailored to achieve your business objectives.

While there is always room for improvement, sense must prevail and occasionally the costs outweigh the benefits. If this turns out to be your case and the price of improvement is not cost effective we will tell you! You can take advantage of our Consultants on a one-off or on-going basis. We will flex our hours to suit your needs and budget. We work alongside your staff and ensure we aren’t a key man dependency, transferring knowledge as we go.

See what improvements allow your business to make the gains you deserve. Call 07986290974 to book a free chat.